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Joe began the LONGO LAW GROUP, LLP on the foundation of service of clients and results.  With almost 30 years experience, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations on advice and service. When most people are looking to hire a law firm its because they need something in the legal world accomplished.  Its not to get overcharged and to have your attorney stop communicating with you. This firm’s philosophy is to provide the most vigorous representation, best service,  ongoing communication, and at the most competitive rates.

Latest News

Why Factoring Long-Term Care Into Your Estate Plan Pays Off

For most people, thinking about estate planning means focusing on what will happen to their money after they pass away. But that misses one pretty significant consideration: the need to plan for long-term care.The last thing any of us want to contend with when a...

Asset Protection Planning

We all have a lawsuit bulls-eye on our backs. Unfortunately, lawsuits, including frivolous lawsuits, are filed daily against good people like you. Asset protection planning, which is an important part of estate planning, can protect you, your family, and your assets....

Giving Thanks With Your Estate Plan

Estate planning covers more than just financial matters. Indeed, many use their estate plan to pass along their values as well as their wealth. One way to do this is to give thanks with your estate plan, by designating charitable giving or specific gifts that will...

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