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Asset Protection

Our legal strategies can help you shield your home, real estate, investments, and retirement plans from frivolous lawsuits and creditors.  There are legal structures that allow you to sleep at night knowing you are protected.

Many people think that setting up a trust will protect their assets. Unfortunately, that is only half true. While funding a revocable living trust will get the assets out of your personal name, your assets may still be subject to creditors while you are alive, and to taxes and creditor claims upon your death.

Under a properly created trust for a married couple, upon the death of one spouse, his or her assets will be funded to the decedent’s trust. This is commonly referred to as the B trust (or below ground assets). The survivor’s share of the assets is funded to the survivor’s or A (above ground) trust. If the trust is properly set up, it will not be subject to estate taxes, creditor claims, spend-down for nursing home expenses or claims from new spouses or their children. Upon the death of both spouses (or upon your death if you are single), if provisions for a beneficiary trust are included in your trust, assets your beneficiaries receive can be protected from creditors, ex-spouses and spend-down for long-term care.



This webinar is direct and to the point and designed to help you understand what Asset Protection Tools are available to you and what you need to consider when making a choice. We cover the distinction between Estate Planning and Asset Protection, as well as the most popular Asset Protection Tools in use today. Most importantly, we cover the Asset Protection Trust and explain how it was developed and the 3 major versions in use today. This includes FOREIGN APT, the DOMESTIC APT and the BRIDGE TRUST. Of particular note is the unique features of the BRIDGE TRUST which allow for all of the protection of the Foreign APT, but with the ease and simplicity of maintenance of a DOMESTIC Trust. This webinar is a MUST WATCH if you are considering adding Asset Protection to your planning.

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