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Medicaid Planning

Many seniors and their families believe that without long term care insurance, there is no way to pay for their long term care, and no way to protect their inheritance for their children and loved ones. Also, some seniors mistakenly believe that having a will or revocable living trust in place will protect their inheritance from long term care expenses. Unfortunately, a simple estate plan does not address the need of paying for long term care.

There is a solution for protecting your estate. With a properly designed Medicaid Plan, seniors can create a long term care plan that will provide for their care and protect their savings. Medicaid Planning is time sensitive. Typically, the sooner you start planning, the more of your estate can be saved from being spent down to pay for your nursing home or assisted living costs.

Longo Law Firm is committed to helping California seniors and their families plan for and avoid the financial ruin associated with the high cost of long-term care. If you are elderly, or if you have a parent or loved one who is elderly, contact us today to learn what Medicaid Planning options are available to you.

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